Service Coordinator

Team: Hospitality

Volunteers Needed: 2

Job Description:

Each week at Trailhead there is one person serving as the Service Coordinator. This person oversees all of the hospitality teams” and logistics teams’ duties that takes place during the two services on Sunday mornings. We are looking for a person who is detail oriented, is great with people, likes to work in the background, and that can perform a routine list of tasks to ensure that the greeting teams, offering and communion, and set up and tear down teams have everything they need. The service coordinator is also our chief greeter and hospitality person! It is his or her job to make everyone feel welcome, greeted and served. The service coordinator position is a once per month responsibility. It begins at 8am and lasts until the doors are locked after the second service. Membership is required for this position.

1. Do you like routine tasks such such as setting up communion elements? 2. Do you notice details - such as when someone is new and looks lost? Or when things are out of place? Are you comfortable addressing that newcomer or quickly addressing minor issues that interfere with worship (such as cleaning up spills, restrooms, seating, etc)? (Both of which are hospitality!!) 3. Are you comfortable directing people? Such as guiding the Sunday volunteers? Or in order to solve a volunteer scheduling issue? 4. Do you think it is important to make a good first impression on visitors - greeting them warmly and making sure Trailhead is a welcoming environment? 5. Are you a member of Trailhead and involved in a community group? (Membership is required to serve in this capacity.)

Hospitality  image

Team Lead: Keith Danaher