Parking Team

Team: Hospitality

Job Description:

The parking team ensures the safety of the people attending Trailhead as they cross the street from the parking lot to the building. We are also the first face many of the attenders see as they come to church. If you enjoy greeting people with a friendly smile and are willing to serve outside during all seasons, please consider joining our team. Commitment: Serve a couple times a month for our Saturday evening service and/or our Sunday morning services. Standing outside for 15 minutes before and after the service starts(i.e., 5:45pm to 6:15pm for the 6:00pm service).

1. Do you feel confident helping people cross the street? 2. Will you greet people with a friendly smile? 3. Are you willing stand outside during all seasons of the year? 4. Do you prefer serving on Saturday or Sunday services?

Hospitality  image

Team Lead: Keith Danaher