Pre-marital Mentor

Team: Care and Counseling

Job Description:

Trailhead is looking for married couples that would like to serve our engaged/pre-engaged couples. The mentors are a resource to help the couple prepare for the blessings and challenges of marriage. Mentors will assist the couple in discerning if they're making a wise decision to marry, discuss a biblical view of marriage, and discuss how the Gospel applies to their relationship. Trailhead currently uses the SYMBIS assessment to help facilitate the conversations. Qualifications: We are looking for couples that have been married for 5+ years, are members of Trailhead Church, and can obtain a personal reference from their Trailhead community group leader, a deacon, or an elder. Once approved, mentors will participate in a 3-hour online SYMBIS training, and will receive an orientation from one of our current mentors. Mentors typically meet 3-4 times with the engaged couple for a total of about 7-10 hours of mentoring.

1. Are you a member of Trailhead Church? 2. How many years have you been married? 3. Please list a personal reference that we may contact to discuss your application.

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Dan Free

Team Lead: Dan Free