Song Of Songs

started on February 01, 2015

Few things are more incredible or complicated than sex. Thankfully the God who created sex and intimacy tells us how to get the most out of this great gift. Join us as we study the Song of Songs - an intimate look at God's gift of love, intimacy, and sex.

Song of Solomon 1:1, Song of Solomon 1:12-14

Steve Mizel

Jan 31st, 2015

Song of Solomon 1:2-6, 1:9-11

Steve Mizel

Feb 7th, 2015

Song of Solomon 2:1-17

Steve Mizel

Feb 14th, 2015

Song of Solomon 2:1-7

Steve Mizel

Feb 21st, 2015

Song of Songs 5:2-6:3

Steve Mizel

Feb 28th, 2015

Song of Songs 8:6-7

Aaron Parks

Mar 7th, 2015